Friday, March 30, 2012

Circlelord Pebbles Border

Pebbles Border Giant template has a row of Ribbon, and three rows of chained ovals.
It is a multi-pattern template that uses the Pin Plate system the same as the Zig Zag.
For more information on setting up look at
If you don't want to use the Pin Plate system, use Wal-mart, or Rubbermaid Shelf Liner to help hold the connected templates firmly on the table.

The Registry holes in the center of the Ribbon and Ovals is for centering in the border.

Ribbon - 2.75" high
Row 3 -  2.75" high
Row 2 -  3.75" high
Row 3 -  4.75" high

Queen +1/2 2+1/2 sections 112"
King 3 sections 133"
1/2 Section for Vertical use with King -  Fits on Circlelord
            Pebbles Border with Ribbon


Stitching Path - 2 Passes

Pin Plate

Number Holes as Below

Below are  samples of the patterns that can be done with the Pebbles Border using the Pin Plate.

Pattern Hole 1 - 1 pass

Hole 3 - 2 Passes

Hole 7 - 2 Passes

Row 2 Overlap - 2 Passes

Row 3 Overlap - 2 Passes

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Circle Lord template designs are copyright protected by Loricles. These designs may be quilted by the owner of the template without restriction. These designs may not be produced on either computer quilting programs, or any material used for grooved template manufacture.